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Title: Application Deadline EXPRESIONES Cinco
Location: PO Box 37132 Phoenix, AZ 85069
Link out: Click here
Description: Expresiones Dance Festival Application Deadline
December 31, 2011–Postmarked/drop in person.
Dulce Dance Company, PO Box 37132 Phoenix, AZ 85069

Dulce Dance Company, is proud to present Expresiones Dance Festival. Now in its fifth year, Expresiones is a curated dance production showcasing expressive, unique and artistic talent in contemporary modern form. The essence of fine performing arts in unique and non-traditional spaces.

In the past, Expresiones has been presented in art galleries, movie theaters, raw spaces, and “in the round”. These locations have undergone simple re-vamping, converting them to alternative performance spaces.

Part of the goal of Expresiones is to present Dance in its purest form. The opportunity for performing in alternate non-traditional spaces allow the audience to experience and share new perspectives of performance. The closeness of the dancers helps to cultivate a more intimate relationship with the audience and community. This broadens the horizons of dance and the people that connect with it.

Expresiones is the act of expressing, conveying, or representing in words, art, music, or movement, a manifestation or expression of rural values something that expresses or communicates, especially with eloquence, a showing of feeling or character. Expressiones is a look or intonation that conveys meaning in which one expresses oneself, especially in speaking, depicting, and performing.

Mail Application, footage, and fee to address listed below,
Postmark by December 31, 2011 to
Candy Jimenez
Dulce Dance Company
PO Box 37132
Phoenix, AZ 85069
If you would like to submit your application in person or online, please call (602) 570-7635

Performance Dates & Description: Expresiones Cinco March 2 & 3, 2012 This is Expresiones’ fifth year: Expresiones Cinco. Expresiones Cinco will be hosted at Playhouse on the Park in Phoenix Arizona at the Viad Corporate Center.  The center is located at 1850 N. Central Ave.  This space offers many opportunities for unique perspectives.  The stage specifications are attached.  In addition, the park area outside will be available for presentations as well.  We challenge you to create work that is appropriate for the different perspectives you will have available to you.
Date: 2011-12-31