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ADC member Tracy Marion to teach JAZZ

Title: Arizona’s Got Dance! National Dance Day 2012 WORKSHOP
Location: Terpsicore’s new dance space: 219 S 5th Ave Phoenix, Az 85003
Link out: Click here
Description: Terpsicore Dance Co. and Dancers And Health Together, Inc. combined forces to create Arizona’s second annual National Dance Day workshop!

This will be in downtown Phoenix on Sunday, July 29th. The workshop will be taught by some of Phoenix’s most known dance professionals, and it will inform dancers of how to pursue their passion healthily. The new Terpsicore dance space is located at 219 S 5th Ave Phoenix, Az 85003, which is by 4th Ave and Madison St.

(order and more information coming soon at www.dahtinc.org and https://www.facebook.com/events/257036471067846/ )

Schedule of Classes – (8:30 am Registration ~ you may also register before your class)
9:00 a = Ballet with Danna Parker
10:10 a = Modern with Elizabeth Johnson
11:20 a = Salsa with Marietta Tartaglia
12:30 p = LUNCH and DANCE & HEALTH SEMINAR: How to prolong your dance career with Adam Marr
1:30 p = Musical Theater with Nick Flores
2:40 p = Classical Jazz with ADC member Tracy Marion
3:50 p = Krump with Ivory Myers, a.k.a. Church
5:00 p = House with Melissa Britt

PRICES (we accept cash and check):
$10 per class
$60 for the whole day (that means you get one FREE class!)
You pay HALF if you are a performer or choreographer in the showcase on July 28th.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A SMALL OR LARGE SPONSOR, please contact Mary Lane Porter at gro.cnithadnull@enalyram.
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2012-07-29
End Time: 18:00