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Title: Human Nature Dance Theatre present Animal Etiquette
Location: Arcosanti, Coli Soleri Music Center
Link out: Click here
Description: Human Nature Dance Theatre & Water in the Desert
Animal Etiquette
While the core collaboration of Human Nature Dance Theatre has been gathering to work in residency annually for over 15 years, 2010 marked the first extended period of research and development for the gestation of this years performance. From June 24th through July 3rd, 5 of us camped out at Delisa Myles’ Nest Dance Sanctuary, perched upon the expansive and colorful Verde Valley of Northern Arizona. Each morning we woke to map out our day and our explorations, sharing in trainings of yoga, feldenkrais, butoh and improvisation. Together we opened up the creative process to provide more critical feedback along with the nurturing support and trust that we have naturally developed after working together for so many years….and I have to say that there is a new energy and spark around the unique investigations in movement that we have cultivated together….explorations which include animal, mineral and human.

–Mizu Desierto
Time: 7:30pm
Date: October 9, 2010