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Business Development Resources

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES: ADC Helping You Move Forward in Your Dance Business(es)

To help you with your dance business(es), ADC board members have collected handouts from workshops and events focused on marketing, motivation, sponsorship, grant writing, accounting, fundraising and more, and have archived them here. As new information is received (and emailed to current members), we will continue to add it to this page so that future members will have access.

Board Leadership

Reimagining Nonprofit Boards presented by the Connie Hillman Family Foundation, Center for Healthy Nonprofits, Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, January 9, 2023
Notes provided by Krystyna Parafinczuk on the presentations by four nonprofit board consultants/leaders and their slide presentations:

Vu Le | Domonic Rollins | Susan Decker | Joan Garry 


Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Board Leadership Workshop, November 15, 2018
Jennifer Purcell, Nonprofit Overview/Current Statistics on Donations
Deb Dale, Fundraising
Kim D. Paskal, CPA, MBA & Lydia Hunter, CPA, CGFM, of BeachFleischman PC. Accounting / Fiduciary Role
Legal Role of Board Members, Marian LaLonde

Sexual Harassment/Interaction with Participants

Sample language and policies: Sexual Harassment and Interaction with Participants Sample Language and Policies


Websites: Association of Fundraising Professionals, AFP No AZ, AFP Greater AZAFP Southern Arizona

5 Tool Fundraiser (person)

7 Tips for Getting the Most Our of Your Crowdfunding Giving Levels

A Mobile and Social Fundraising Success Checklist for Nonprofits

Fundraising Effectiveness Project (Feb 2017) by Barbara Levy

Instagram Fundraising Made Easy e-Book

Why Do People Give Glossay and Sources

Why People Give

Preparing Fundraising Videos (compiled by T Cott)

Grant Writing

Websites: Grant Professionals Assn Arizona Founding Chapter, GPA Southern Chapter

Code of Ethics for Grantwriters

Evaluating Evaluations

Grant Budget Tips

Budget-Building for Grantwriters: The “Total Value” Framework for Crafting an Unbeatable Project Budget, by Maryn Boess, GrantsMagic U

GRANTing Your Wishes

Grant Readiness Assessment Documentation Annual Check Up Tool

OMB Super Circular: Are You Ready? by Dr Judy Riffle

Is your organization ready for a grant consultant checklist

Project Profile / Planning Worksheet

LOGIC MODEL WORKSHOP by Dr Beverly A Browning, presenter Southern Arizona GPA Chapter (Grant Professionals Association)

Logic Model Chart Comments (K Parafinczuk, workshop attendee)

Logic Model Guide

Using Logic Models for Program Planning and Evaluation (by Dr Beverly A Browning, GPA Member, with notes by K Parafinczuk, workshop attendee)

Storytelling: Components and Example – a template for grant writing | donor appeal letters. GPA presentation by Frank Velasquez, Executive Director, JobPath, Inc.

Marketing / Media Relations / Professional Growth

15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently by Kevin Kruse (FORBES)

12 Principles of Jazz at Lincoln Center by Wynton Marsalis

Keynote by Kevin Eastman (coach, educator, speaker), Arizona Presenters Alliance (Aug 2014). “It’s what you become because of what you went through when you are a winner.  It’s not about what you get.”

Marketing and Media Relations

Marketing by T Cott


Auditing Events for Sponsorship by Bruce L Erley

Sponsorship Sales / handwritten notes on presentation

The Foundations of Successful Sponsorship Development and Activation (by Stephanie Donoho, Sept 2017, IFEA Convention)



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