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By a unanimous vote at the Arizona Dance Coalition Member Meeting held December 20, 2020, we welcomed DEBBIE POLISKY as a new member of our Board of Directors. Debbie lives in Avondale and is looking forward to working with our members and the community. Give her bio a read and maybe you will be inspired to connect with her and tap into her knowledge and skill set.

ten.xocnull@yksilopd | nutritiontango.com | 623-444-2606

Debbie Polisky is an Argentine-American passionate amateur dancer, who started learning ballet at the age of six and piano at the age of seven.

Her fondest family memories will always be her family New Year’s Shows at her parents home, together with her brother, who choreographed and organized their shows, from singing, dancing, piano playing and poetry recitals. Although she stopped dancing once she began studying nutrition at the Buenos Aires University in Argentina, music and dance always remained close to her heart.

Debbie has lived in Arizona since 2000, where she has been a bilingual community advocate for minorities, clinical and community nutritionist, adjunct faculty, wellness consultant, author, speaker, educator, creator of wellness programs and media consultant. She has combined mind and body techniques, such as mindfulness, stress management, nutrition and healthy recipes, movement, improvised dance, Latin dance, breath and meditation to her diverse wellness programs. She is the owner of two bilingual small businesses, Words & Health, a B2B business helping organizations reach the Hispanic community through translations, content writing, speaking, programs and videos; together with Nutrition Tango, a B2C business helping individuals and groups use a mind and body approach to their health.

She has over 25 years of experience in the field of healthcare, nutrition and wellness, using a mind, body and self-care approach, helping individuals, students and families of all ages feel well through simple, healthy lifestyle changes. She has partnered with a diverse number of non-for-profits in Arizona, helping create bilingual mind and body programs for their communities.

Debbie describes herself as a science and art “combo” because she integrates her Argentine father’s scientific background (cardiologist/stress management expert) with her American mother’s artistic background (music, singing, cooking, love for color) to improve her communities lives.

Although she lived in Argentina for 30 years, she was never interested in learning Argentine Tango. In 2019, somebody challenged her to learn Tango, due to her second business called Nutrition Tango. She decided to accept the challenge. She started to learn from local AZ instructors, then visited her family in August 2019, where she learned from local Argentine professors. Not only did she learn the basics, but she discovered Tango Therapy – using Tango as another “tool” in her diverse toolbox to improve people’s health. In November 2019, she started to speak on the media and in different organizations, about the scientific evidence based research of Argentine Tango on neurological health (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, anxiety, depression), metabolic health (cardiovascular health) and preventive health. In 2020, she spoke (virtually) several times at the Argentine Academy of Tango Therapy’s conferences regarding a new project that she wishes to implement during 2021, integrating Tango, Mindfulness and Nutrition.

Debbie is the recipient of several local AZ awards, as a minority business owner, community advocate and finalist for the Phx Business Journal Health Care Heroes award.

She holds three university degrees, BS in Nutrition (Buenos Aires University), MS in Nutrition (Rosalind University) and MBA (DeVry University) together with a variety of certifications related to Movement, Mindfulness, Chair Dance/Fitness, Breath and Cooking.