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Every year since March 8, 2017, the Arizona Dance Coalition has been maintaining a list of women-owned, women-managed dance businesses in Arizona. The inspiration came from International Women’s Day and wanting to discover just how many of the dance businesses in Arizona were owned and managed by women. There are many! Download the LIST here.

Forty-eight percent (48%) — 266 of 555 total dance businesses in AZ — are owned and managed by women.

Even with the pandemic and closures, the count is up 21 from 2020 (245). The list of all Dance Businesses in AZ for 2021 is 555, up 51 from 2020 (504).


151 in Central Arizona (24 towns) | Phoenix 47 (4 closed)

84 are in Southern Arizona (10 towns) | Tucson 58 (3 closed)

29 in North & North Central Arizona (10 towns) | Flagstaff 12

2 are statewide dance service organizations based in Phoenix.

Mostly due to the pandemic, 10 businesses have closed across the state: 3 in Tucson, and 7 in Central Arizona. Hardest hit have been the studios that teach ballroom dance and host weekly social dance parties.

A child’s first experience with a female business owner is usually their first dance teacher. That relationship may last forever. As a result, women are more likely to be entrepreneurial and start their own dance business, or another business, because they grew up seeing women in charge of their careers.

The women on this list are leaders and role models in our communities. Their businesses are creating dancers and citizens with strong minds and healthy, coordinated bodies. Support dance education, dance events and dancing, and you’ll support these women-owned, women-managed businesses in Arizona.

Photos: Featured – Sibylle Acatos-Dadey with student | Scottsdale School of Ballet
Within the Description – Emma MK Cong with student | Yuma Ballet Academy

Questions about the list may be directed to: Krystyna Parafinczuk, ADC Treasurer | gro.noitilaoCecnaDzAnull@anytsyrK | 520-743-1349


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