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Debbie Polisky (Avondale), owner of Nutrition Tango, together with partner Barrow Neurological Institute (Phoenix), received a grant for $18,500 from the Parkinson’s Foundation to use Argentine Tango and nutrition to benefit the Phoenix Parkinson’s community.

“I’m honored to receive this grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation,” states Debbie. “It’s an opportunity for me to incorporate Argentine Tango, my passion, with nutrition, my specialty, to hold a Parkinson’s Party — Unite a la Fiesta de Parkinson — for the Hispanic Community! I’ve partnered with the Barrow Neurological Institute, Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center – A Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence (Dignity Health), to present a meaningful program.”

Why Argentine Tango for the Parkinson community (for patients and caregivers)? Scientific evidence-based research shows us that Tango Therapy (the use of Argentine Tango as another tool in wellness and healthcare), allows Parkinson’s patients to connect in an embrace, provides stability, better posture, less tremors, mental clarity, mindfulness, better sleep, higher self-esteem and self-confidence to face their health adversities.

“As a response to the pandemic 2020-2021 moment in our lives, I realized there were many individuals and groups, especially those vulnerable with chronic health conditions, that were not taking care of themselves. As my father, well known Argentine cardiologist and stress management expert, used to tell me: ‘Be your own best friend and always nourish your mind and body with healing ingredients,” Debbie explained.

In memory of her father who died in 2020, Debbie developed Nutrition Tango Self-Care Parties, both for prevention as well as for chronic health conditions, using her signature 5 M Model:

  1. Healthy Meals – simple recipes in the kitchen and nutrition
  2. Healthy Mindset – strategies to increase our growth mindset
  3. Healthy Mindfulness – breathing and awareness activities
  4. Healthy Movement – using Argentine Tango as the fundamental pillar of a mindful movement practice, and
  5. Magical Moments – healthy hobbies that help us foster our creativity and self-expression.

The Parkinson’s Foundation awarded more than $2.2 million in community grants for 2021-2022 grant cycle. This year’s grant cycle focused on three areas including: programs that provide services for diverse and underserved populations, initiatives that reach the newly diagnosed and programs that address mental health and Parkinson’s. Of the $2.2 million being granted, $1.6 million will help fund essential programs that focus on diverse and underserved Parkinson’s communities.

Debbie Polisky, MS, MBA
Bilingual Nutritionist – Wellness Consultant – Adjunct Faculty/Assistant Professor
Nutrition Tango – Bilingual Nutrition Counseling Services – for individuals
Words & Health – Bilingual Health Communication Services – for organizations

Telephone: (623) 444-2606 – MST Time – Phoenix, AZ

Debbie joined the Arizona Dance Coalition Board in January 2021. Look for more articles from Debbie in the months to come on nutrition and her incorporation of mindful movement (Argentine Tango) for our readers.

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