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Arizona Dance Coalition has recognized 13 dance events in Arizona that have significantly ‘created connections’ — ADC’s tag line — for many, many years. Not only that, they have contributed to Arizona’s economy to the tune of $711,000* in 2019 (most current calculation as of May 1, 2021. May be higher as some expenses have not been revealed). Multiply that amount times the years these dance events have occurred — the amount soars.

Based on the number of years the events occurred, the type of event (educational, performance, social dance), the number of participants (students, performers, social dancers) and the audience, here are the cumulative totals:

  • Students Served: 51,860* – top 2 student events were AZ JAZZ DANCE SHOWCASE and AzDEO HIGH SCHOOL DANCE FESTIVAL
  • Performers: 29,010 – overwhelming lead by TUCSON MEET YOURSELF
  • Social Dancers: 15,540AZ SWING JAM and TUCSON TANGO FESTIVAL take the lead
  • Audience: 7,323,220 – once again TUCSON MEET YOURSELF takes the lead followed by C.A.L.L.E. DE ARIZONA MARIACHI & FOLKLORICO FESTIVAL

The cumulative ‘economic impact’ — if all numbers were the same each year — would be


*Some events, like the Tucson International Mariachi Conference, originally started in 1990 at the Tucson Convention Center with space for 500 ballet folklorico students. Then in 2021 they moved to the Casino del Sol in 2012 with space limited to 200 (2012-2019). It is reasonable to assume that they have served more students over their 30 years than the 2019 total used for the above accumulated “students served” total.

Not every year is the same. Some years tickets sell out. Other years they don’t. Outdoor events have had to deal with fluke rain storms. And then there is the pandemic — March 2020 to present. If an event was not produced because of the pandemic, that year was not counted in the totals. Virtual events were counted.

The research and interviews conducted by Krystyna Parafinczuk, ADC Treasurer and Project Manager, to determine the economic impact of dance arts in Arizona for 2019 revealed the importance of 13 dance events (annual, one bi-annual) in existence for 9-48 years! Ten have reached 20 years, three 30 years, and one 48 years! These events have either:

  • connected dance companies and choreographers for performance,
  • united dance students (high school and university) for the purpose of learning and performing, or
  • have brought people together from across the country to social dance – some dancers and guest instructors even coming from other countries.

Arizona Dance Coalition Recognizes 13 Dance Events in Celebration of

International Dance Day, April 29, 2021

This list is sorted by town, then by longest duration. The objective of the event is specified.


ETHNIC DANCE PERFORMANCES at Tucson Meet Yourself  | Dr. Maribel Alvarez & Kate Alexander – since 1972 (48 years)
Objective: Performance (Public)

BALLET FOLKLORICO WORKSHOPS at La Frontera’s Tucson International Mariachi Conference | Delfina Alvarez, Grace “Mini” Alvarez & Chantal Danay Ralls – since 1990 (30 years*)
Objective: Educational & Performance for select groups (Public)

AZ JAZZ DANCE SHOWCASE | Michael Williams, Professor, University of Arizona School of Dance – since 1992 (28 years*)
Objective: Educational & Performance (Public)

DANCE IN THE DESERT | Phyllis Davies & Judy Francis (team representatives), Tucson Friends of Traditional Music (Contra Dance) – since 1996 (24 years*)
Objective: Educational & Social Dance (attendees only)

NO FRILLS DANCE HAPPENIN’ | Nanette Robinson, ZUZI! Dance – bi-annual since 1999 (22 years | 44 performances)
Objective: Performance (Public)

TUCSON TANGO FESTIVAL | Jim Baker – since 2009 (11 years*)
Objective: Educational & Social Dance (festival participants only)


BALLET FOLKLORICO FESTIVAL as part of C.A.L.L.E. de Arizona Mariachi and Folklorico Festival  | Vanessa Ramirez – since 1999 (21 years)
Objective: Educational & Performance (Public)


SWINGdepenDANCE since 2010 (9 years*) | Dabney & Karen Hopkins, aka The Lindy Hopkins.
Objective: Educational & Social Dance (Public)

PHOENIX METRO | Maricopa County (towns vary based on venue location)

AzDEO HIGH SCHOOL DANCE FESTIVAL | Andrea Downing & Lynn Monson, Arizona Dance Educators Organization – since 1983 (38 years*)
Objective: Educational & Performance (for festival participants only)

ARIZONA SWING JAM | Steve Conrad, Arizona Lindy Hop Society – since 1997 (22 years*)
Objective: Educational & Social Dance (Public)

ARIZONA DANCE FESTIVAL | Lisa R. Chow, Desert Dance Theatre – since 2000 (20 years*)
Objective: Performance (Public)

TAP 24.7 THE SHOW (National Tap Dance Day Celebration) | Suzy Guarino-Hall, Tap 24.7 – since 2011 (10 years)
Objective: Educational & Performance (Public)


FLAGSTAFF DANCE FESTIVAL | Gina Darlington, Canyon Movement Company – since 2000 (20 years)
Objective: Educational & Performance (Public)

*Does not include missed events due to the pandemic. Virtual events are counted.

Congratulations to all the organizers, teams, committees and volunteers

responsible for making these events happen

year after year after year.

You are truly extraordinary.

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Krystyna Parafinczuk, ADC Treasurer
Project Manager: Economic Impact Project

May 1, 2021


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