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Here’s the LIST of the 2021 AZ DANCE BUSINESSES as of March 7, 2021

550 Statewide | 37 closed (6 in So AZ | 31 in Central AZ)

Up 46 compared to 2020 (504)

The 1st 2021 Edition was delivered to the AZ Legislators on February 22nd as Arizona Dance Coalition’s advocacy effort during ARTS CONGRESS week (AZ arts nonprofits visit with their district’s representatives and senators).

The 2nd Edition is being released today (March 8, 2021) because more businesses have been added as a result of our updating the 2021 Women-Owned, Women-Managed Dance Businesses in AZ. The FINAL EDITION will be released on April 29, 2021International Dance Day!

This year we are indicating which businesses CLOSED and which are NEW to the LIST – not necessarily a NEW BUSINESS.

If you know a business closed, or another has opened, if you have moved your business, changed its name, changed ownership, etc, please email your comments to: gro.noitilaoCecnaDzAnull@anytsyrK

The document (PDF) is sorted by Region, Town/City. Businesses are sorted in Alpha order and individual names are by the first letter, not last name.



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