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by Debbie Polisky, Nutritionist

“When I’m under high levels of stress, I tend to choose fatty, salty and sugary snacks versus healthy options that I usually eat,” mentioned Marie, a contemporary dancer in AZ.  Can you relate?

Plan ahead and make sure you stock up on trail mix, protein bars, fruits, smoothies, and veggies (raw, air-fried, roasted, or steamed). Get rid of the chips, cookies, brownies, fries, and pretzels to avoid temptation! De-clutter your pantry/kitchen cupboards. Don’t walk down the grocery store aisles that display chips, soda, processed food and sugar-laced treats.

Remember to be mindful when you eat. First, pay attention to how much is on your plate. If you are looking to eat less, don’t pile it on. Then sit down in a peaceful space. Lastly, eat slowly and enjoy your meal.

Your ‘plan’ must include exercise. Take a walk. Consider dancing to have more fun and the positive effects on the brain/body will be longer lasting. Plus, dance music is uplifting and will put you in a better mood.

How to relieve stress is another part of ‘the plan’ we are also trying to figure out. In the meantime, here are some suggested foods/snacks for dancers. They are easy to pack in your dance bag.


Trader Joe’s Go Raw Trek packets (almonds, cashews, filberts, and raisins – no sugar or salt added)

Artisana Organic Individual Nut Spread Snack Packs. Spread your favorite nut butter on a banana or apple.

Dried fruit – Here’s a link recommending some healthier brands of dried fruit to include with oatmeal, salads, and energy balls:

Energy balls – Here are a few links for easy energy ball recipes:


Debbie Polisky, MS, MBA, CLT is a Bilingual Nutritionist, Tango Dance for Health Instructor (Tango Therapy), Wellness Consultant and Adjunct Faculty who uses mind and body techniques, such as mindfulness, stress management, exercise, dance exercise, yoga and nutrition to improve the lives of patients, students and the community. She has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare field in two countries, Argentina and in the USA, and in her two native languages — English and Spanish.

Debbie Polisky, MS, MBA
Bilingual Nutritionist – Wellness Consultant – Adjunct Faculty/Assistant Professor
Nutrition Tango – Bilingual Nutrition Counseling Services – for individuals
Words & Health – Bilingual Health Communication Services – for organizations

Telephone: (623) 444-2606 – MST Time – Phoenix, AZ

Debbie joined the Arizona Dance Coalition Board in January 2021. Look for more articles from Debbie in the months to come on nutrition and her incorporation of mindful movement (Argentine Tango) for our readers.

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