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When you research, you learn. After transferring ‘data’ from 30 dance nonprofit tax returns (990/990EZ), I realized we may need some help — some explanations of ‘what’ goes ‘where.’ Disclaimer: I’m NOT a TAX ACCOUNTANT, so please discuss any questions you have with your accountant.

IRS Form 990 EZ | Line 16. OTHER EXPENSES 

This is where we have to explain the $amount$ entered on Line 16 on Schedule O. But … BUT … some are missing the opportunity to list these expenses on Lines 10-15 instead of under OTHER EXPENSES:

  • GRANTS (scholarships to students – tuition & travel) on Line 10, (describe type of grants and how many on Schedule O – tuition, travel)
  • SALARIES, compensation and employee benefits on Line 12, 
  • PROFESSIONAL FEES paid to independent contractors: accountants, attorneys, FUNDRAISERS, grant writers, public relations/media specialists, on Line 13, (not artistic independent contractors)
  • RENT (occupancy) that ‘includes’ utilities (internet, cable, and communication/phones are considered ‘utilities’) and ‘maintenance/janitorial’ on Line 14, and
  • PRINTING of programs, promotional materials + postage and shipping on Line 15.



In a follow-up news post (soon), I’ll discuss the common types of OTHER EXPENSES incurred by those in the DANCE BUSINESS.

Krystyna Parafinczuk, ADC Treasurer, Arizona Dance e-Star editor/designer, Project Manager: ECONOMIC IMPACT OF DANCE
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