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by Krystyna Parafinczuk

In your own voice, your own message, you can quickly remind or inform your patrons, students, and colleagues about upcoming events, fundraisers, and last minute pop-up performances or gatherings!

I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Jeff Troyer of Automatic Response Technologies (ART) on “Voice Broadcasting: A Surprising Tool for Engaging Your Donors.” I asked, “Do any performing arts organizations use your services?” “No,” Jeff answered. I thought so.

But very many nonprofit organizations have used this ‘voice broadcasting’ service to ‘engage donors’ very successfully. Nonprofit organizations have been able to increase their revenue through ‘call campaigns’ — last-minute donation calls, end-of-the-year donation calls, lapsed donor calls, etc.

Remember — the calls are in your ‘familiar, friendly voice’ with ‘your message.’ As Jeff stated, “The most powerful communication tool in the whole world is the human voice.”

Voice Broadcast accomplishes three things:

  1. introduces the ‘power of your voice’ filling your marketing and informational messages with ’emotion’
  2. solves the problem of the amount of time it would normally take to personally call hundreds of donors (or ticket holders, former and present students, survey takers, those auditioning, etc.)
  3. changes the way you think about how you’re communicating with your donors now (or ticket holders, survey takers, those auditioning, cast of characters,’ members, etc.)

How it works: You prepare the script, record the message in ‘your voice,’ upload the list of phone numbers to ART, and they take care of sending out your message. If there’s no pick-up, they try a few more times. If the answering machine picks up, then they will hear ‘your voice’ with your message.

I tried to think of instances it could work for us — the dance community. If you were holding SPONTANEOUS DANCE PARTIES, you could quickly let everyone know the location (am thinking of my last post with the decal on the sidewalk: Stand Here For Dance Party. What a great idea and way to engage the general public with dance and JOY!)

The Arizona Dance Coalition could use it to remind its membership and subscribers about the Annual Meeting is Sunday, October 3, 2021! (Still waiting for presentation ideas. Did you notice how I worked that in?)

Maybe you will be holding an OPEN HOUSE or are offering a day of FREE CLASSES. Call and invite all present and ‘former’ students! They will love hearing ‘your voice.’

Your voice will be heard sooner than your email read. 

If you’d like to give it a try or learn more (free consultation), call Jeff at 888-408-4222 or email moc.esnopsercitamotuanull@reyortj | Automatic Response Technologies (ART)

I think we can use this voice broadcast technology to our advantage and make ‘communication’ a little bit easier. Do not confuse this with ROBO CALLS. No one likes those!


The webinar was presented by Raise The Bar Consulting. Fundraising & Resource Development | Organizational Development | Interim Executive & Transitional Leadership Solutions

Krystyna Parafinczuk, ADC Treasurer, Arizona Dance e-Star editor/designer
gro.noitilaocecnadzanull@anytsyrk | 520-743-1349


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